Why Us

Minority and Women Owned.

Minority - Owned

We’re a certified MBE staffing agency. While this may be useful to some clients for tax purposes, we pride ourselves in succeeding on merit.
The federal government offers tax breaks for companies that buy from minority businesses.

If you’d like to take advantage of reduced tax liabilities by working with us, we can provide the necessary documents to make it easy for you!
ATD is a certified minority-owned staffing agency.

We believe a diverse workforce is important. Not only does it create opportunity, but diversity truly provides the basis for a stronger and more competent organization.

Woman - Owned

ATD Technology is 100% woman owned and managed — an additional tax incentive for clients.


We’re certified as a Woman’s Business Enterprise (WBE)

By including women-owned businesses among your vendors, you can demonstrate your commitment to fostering diversity.

Some clients enjoy the tax advantages of employing a certified WBE for their staffing services.

We enjoy raising the bar and proving our value.

ATD Technology is self-funded. We don’t charge the large profit and loss interest rates that other large corporations do.

As a result, we can offer lower rates to our clients and competitive pay for our talent so that everyone wins.

We believe in flexibility. Afterall, your needs will change according to your rate of growth.

Every staffing strategy is unique. Our contracts are flexible and designed with your evolving business in mind.

Flexible Contracts

Being client centric, privately owned and self-funded, we have the luxury of being very flexible.

Tech Savvy

We speak tech! Coming from a technical background, we recognize the technical skills and talents needed for your success.
Many of our clients require a highly technical staff. If you need IT staffing, you’re in the right place.

Our background in technology gives us an edge.

Whether you need a business analyst, an application developer or anything in-between, we know where to look.