Contract Staffing

Low Risk Contract Staffing

ATD is a full-service back-office staffing agency for hiring contractors. We take the responsibility off your hands as the legal W-2 employer for highly qualified talent. Whether you’re staffing up for a short-term project or you want a low-risk way to add talented resources to your team, we can help!

Benefits of Hiring Contractors

Outsource your staffing needs to a sole-source provider. Save the time and expense associated with a full-time employee.
More Flexibility Work around hiring freezes through your operating budget. Add highly skilled talent to your project and complete projects quickly.
Varied Experience Technical contractors and contingency staff are among the most highly-skilled professionals in their area. They bring a range of experience to the role having been exposed to various settings.
Overall Savings Companies who use recruitment services tend to do better overall. Adding contractors to your team can speed up production and of course save you money on hiring.

Incumbent Sourcing

Once you make the sale, we help by using your company’s stellar reputation and performance to retain key members of the existing team.

Federal Contracts

Our federal contractors get paid to sell to agency customers and to generate profit at the same time. More importantly, our incumbent sourcing personnel establishes friendships and strong relationships with federal customers by just doing their job. We focus on strategic targeting of incumbent resources to ensure successful RFP retention.

RFP Responses

Establish relationships
Acquire knowledge
Ensure Retention
Allocate key and general resources
Market pricing review

Contract Renewals

Assess the existing relationship
Review scope of services