Temp to Hire


Temp to Hire

Skilled Temporary Staff

We bring skilled and experienced temp-to-hire job candidates to your team. Our temporary staffing service fills critical roles with candidates that are ready to hit the ground running. Whether you need admin professionals or you’re looking for technical skills for IT needs, we’re your partner for temp-to-hire resources.

Benefits of Temp Staffing

Reduce Risk
We take on the legal details of human resources like, hiring, paychecks, payroll taxes, workers comp, social security, etc.
Trial Period
A temp-to-hire situation allows you to judge whether you need a full-time person to complete the job or if on-going temps can suffice.
Save Time
We alleviate the burden of recruiting, evaluation, screening and interviewing resources. We do the heavy lifting when it comes to finding you qualified candidates for the job.

Why A Temporary Employment Agency?

Our temporary employment services provide you with needed help during peak demand periods. Temporary staff is useful for a variety of reasons.

We Care About Your Bottom Line

At ATD, we look at the big picture. We spend the time to understand your needs and goals in designing a staffing strategy that makes sense for your business. Very often our temporary employees are so qualified, employers end up hiring them to full-time staff. If you decide to transition a temp-to-hire worker to a permanent role, we can make the process seamless.