Resource Management


Resource Management


Professional resource management is the key to successful projects. Careful management of human resources paves the path of project success. If left to inexperienced teams, mismanagement of resources can lead to project failure, overtime, budget overages, and other logistical problems.

Your Resource

Overseeing human resources is a full-time job. We’re your resource for staffing, payroll and performance management.

We Go Beyond

Our HRM services go beyond making sure that you have enough trained professionals to get the job done. We take the time to understand your work culture before recommending staffing plans.
We handle your resource management needs so you can focus on a more productive workflow. Allow us to manage financial, distribution and performance of project resources.

A Holistic Approach

Our HRM services involve a holistic approach and include:
Strategic Hiring
Financial Allocation
Payroll / Benefits
Performance Management
Affirmative Action Plans
Culture & Environment Integration


At ATD, we simplify the HRM process for companies large and small. Ask our experts about staffing, employee compensation and benefits, and defining/designing work.